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Once you explore your market, the next step is to set up business by designing, implementing and managing the local operations. Our accounting and financial team of experts will help you in structuring and establishing the business entity by identifying the potential partners or organisations.

Once it is finalised what is the suitable market entry plan for your business, we will help you to implement the procedure being your trusted partner and will guide you on each and every stage of the process. Connect with Onfiling or fill the query form to know more in detail about the services.

Our Services

Your Business Partner at each stage

Local Presence

It becomes challenging for the international organisation to find out which type of legal entity can be incorporated and what are their compliances as per the country's legal standards. But don’t worry as Onfiling will provide the best suitable option for establishing your business at international level and perform all requirements of HR, compliance, taxes and accounting.

Export & Sourcing

Onfiling supports in performing the complete analysis of the local market to identify and select the targeted customers, distributors and suppliers to manage the business sales channels in India with all the required compliances. This process facilitates the regulatory and compliance process in a smooth manner, so that your company runs compliantly.

Setting up business entity

Onfiling helps you to set up your business entity in India and abroad from the very first step of choosing the legal structure of a business entity with complete guidance of legal compliances. You don’t need to take a burden of all the paperwork which is involved in the procedure for business setup, just trust on your outsourcing partner and connect for new entity setup.

Liaison or Branch Office

Subject to the guidelines of RBI, a foreign company can have the liaison or branch office in India for which Onfiling team of professionals will guide and help you to set up. Before setting up these types of offices it is necessary to check which activity is allowed or not as per the RBI guidelines, contact us now to know complete details.

Business Compliances

It is important for a company after incorporation to complete all the necessary registrations and licences as per the state laws. If you fail to comply with the state laws it may attract heavy penalties for non-compliances. We support you by sending daily notifications as a reminder to complete your compliances and handle all compliances with ease.

HR Support

Managing employees becomes a difficult task for the organisation when they are working to achieve the core objectives of the business. We support the organisation in handling payroll, attendance, ESI & PF compliances, recruitment, employee onboarding and exit management, employee tax planning and more by acting as your Virtual HR partner.

Liaisoning Services

We help in creating a strong working relationship with the regulatory organisations so that obtaining permissions and approvals become smooth. Onfiling bridges the gap between you and your clients along with the authorities so that you can focus on core business areas, where we will handle all your conversations and follow up with strict deadlines.

Business Contracts

Onfiling’s legal team of professionals helps in drafting legal contracts and agreements and offers a wide range of advisory and assistance services in the corporate world. Beginning from the drafting of an agreement a detailed analysis is performed to avoid the chances of legal complications in your ongoing smooth business.


We help you in negotiations services so that quality services contracts can be executed between the contracting party. Our contract experts will help you to navigate the challenges along with comparison of contracts available in the market and will help you in assessing the terms and conditions in a manner to bring the satisfactory result between the parties.

Due Diligence

Due diligence of third parties becomes necessary due to concerns like privacy, financial standing, public information,quality issues, violations of legal rules and regulations and more. Hence to maintain strong business relationship it is important to perform counterparty due diligence, where Onfiling team helps you to perform cost effective and efficient diligence.

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Due diligence of third parties becomes necessary due to concerns like privacy, financial standing, public information, quality issues, violations of legal rules and regulations and more.
Yes, Onfiling is having a separate team which handles all work related to HR management. We can complete the background check verification process in a hassle-free manner.
Yes, Onfiling helps in opening up of branch office with complete legal formalities.
Setup means providing accounts, finance and legal support to your business. Onfiling helps in completing all your incorporation formalities, compliance process, taxation formalities and other as per the nature and requirements of the business.

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