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Looking for a solution to start your business? You are at the right place, expansion of your business in the market helps to keep you and your business updated as per the changing needs of the customers and the dynamic industry trends. It is important to understand how to expand in a new market for enhancement of employability and for making some beneficial changes in a company.

Onfiling helps you to explore the new markets with the help of our inhouse research team which keeps on constantly supporting and updating customers whether you are looking for expansion in the new markets or for expansion into the existing market.

Our Services

Your Business Partner at each stage

Multi-market comparative analysis

Opportunity identification and development

Sourcing and supplier selection

Territory analysis

Pricing and product research

Customs, import duties and tax analysis

HR – executive search and salary benchmarking

Identification of M&A targets

Identifying new partners/customers/distributors

Identifying new suppliers

Maintaining local relationships with distributors, customers and suppliers

Undertaking due diligence

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Onfiling will help you to expand your business in Indian market. To expand in a new market, it is important to research for enhancement of employability and bringing some beneficial changes for the company. Our inhouse research team will keep you updated whether you are looking for expansion in new market or for the existing market.
Yes, we provide complete support for sourcing and supplier selection.
The concept of search at Onfiling means we help you from the initial stage of your business. Onfiling provides business solution right from the exploring all possibilities in the Indian market. We provide complete analysis before you enter the market with your business plan.
Yes, due diligence plays an important role. Due diligence of business or individuals will help in getting into a better business deal. Also, it will help in making your agreement strong in legal terms.

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