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Onfiling helps in matching the right talent for the required opportunity. Attracting and retaining great talent is important for achieving business goals. Companies ensure that the talent they require is right fit and cost effective. Therefore we are here to provide best staffing and recruiting services to the companies to find the right candidate who will support you in the growth of your business. Onfiling  provides the best solution for small and medium organizations who need support in managing, engaging and retaining talent where we aim to offer business practical, innovative, flexible and cost effective recruitment services.

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Recruitment Services

We help in connecting the right person for the available job opportunity in place so that your work should not be hampered in the process of recruitment. Onfiling provides the right talent for required position.

HR on Demand Services

We serve clients with various HR needs and challenges on scheduled and on demand basis. Onfiling offers customized HR solutions and programs to maintain positive and beneficial working relationships.

Background Verification

Onfiling helps you to complete background verification to gain enough data and evidence to make smarter, wise & human-centered decisions while choosing the right candidate for the company.

Temporary Staff Solution

We help you in saving costs & enhancing the productivity of the company by providing excellent contract staffing services to embrace your business flexibility and freedom. Connect to know more in detail.

Our Recruitment Services

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“Your human Talent is the most important talent”- Carla Harris

It is appropriately quoted by Carla Harris that a great human talent is one of the important resources in your organization. Hence to provide you the suitable candidate for your organization, Onfiling recruitment team of experts is here. Onfiling is the leading manpower recruitment consultant which provides assistance in screening and selection of aspiring candidates. We have a large database of Semi-Skilled, Fully-Skilled, qualified, and experienced candidates, for all grades, positions, and departments. Onfiling provides assistance in placement and recruitment services for various Industries and Corporate Houses:




IT Industry


Travel Industry



Therefore to choose the right talent connect with Onfiling by giving your specifications so that we can provide you the required talent as per your business requirements.

Onfiling acts as your HR on Demand for all the tasks related to employee verification which includes complete background check from employment verification to Indian court record check which are as follows:

Professional reference check

Education verification

Address verification

CV validation

Indian criminal record verification

Indian court record check

Indian regulatory authorities database check

Indian credit and integrity risk database check

How do we work ?

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You Ask, We Answer

Onfiling supports all types of organizations in providing access to required expert talent from mid to senior level positions. Our all staffing services gives you an edge for scaling up your company.
While the company's plans for recruitment they do face challenges like having a number of applications but not with the right qualification, delayed hiring process, lack of branding, promotion of job opportunities and more. Hence to solve all these challenges Onfiling will help you in providing solutions and required candidate for the company.
Onfiling provides complete recruitment services as we work with clients from manufacturing to IT, giving in-depth and industry specific knowledge of operations & statutory requirements. Also we have a pan India presence to offer our services.
We serve clients with various HR needs and challenges on scheduled and on demand basis. Onfiling offers customized HR solutions and programs to maintain positive and beneficial working relationships. Hence we provide recruitment solutions and other HR related services as per the demand of the customer.

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