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Are you planning to incorporate a limited company, but having lots of queries on how to proceed for the registration of public limited company? A public limited corporation is an organised voluntary association of members that has a distinct legal life and limited liability for its members. A public limited company is one that is listed on a stock exchange and has its stock traded publicly. A board of directors governs public limited companies. The company's articles of association specify the composition of the board of directors.

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As this company deals with public money, it has to make rather heavy compliances strictly, which are bulkier than those performed by a private limited company. Apart from the regular compliances related with income tax, there are many periodic and annual compliances to be made by a public limited company with ROC/MCA, SEBI, RBI, etc.
A public limited company has several advantages, which are listed below: • The public limited company, as opposed to the private limited corporation, has a far larger capital base. • It is permitted to trade on a stock exchange by law. • There is no limit to the number of shareholders.
The term Public Limited Company refers to a type of limited company that has no restrictions on the number of shareholders or the transfer of shares, something a Private Limited Company cannot do. It raises funds from the general public and takes deposits from the general public. The Board of Directors has the authority to administer and operate the public limited company established by the shareholders' unanimous approval.
Yes an NRI or Foreign national can also be a shareholder or director in public limited company of India.
• Minimum shareholders - 7 • Minimum Directors - 3 (Directors and shareholders can be same person) • At least one Director who shall be resident in India • Minimum paid up capital worth INR 5 lakh

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