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A one-person business is a hybrid of a private corporation and a sole proprietorship. It has both benefits and drawbacks, but it is unquestionably advantageous to small business owners. It will assist small business owners in obtaining loans and other small-scale industries benefits. 

Even though OPC has been granted exemptions, it must adhere to Corporate Governance standards and refrain from engaging in unlawful activities. Vireza Onfiling’s team will help you to incorporate your OPC. Consult now.

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Minimum one person is required while starting a One Person Company, but you can have up to 15 Directors for your OPC.
A Minor, Foreign citizen, Indian Non-resident, a person incapacitate to contract are restricted from forming a One Person Company.
Yes, it can be converted into Private Limited Company, if the One Person Company has exceeded the threshold limit by filing necessary forms.
No, a One Person Company does not required to hold Board meeting like Private Limited Company, but it has to hold Board Meeting once in every half year calendar, the gap between two Board Meetings shall not be less than 90 days.
One Person Company is a new company structure, contains the benefits of sole proprietorship and corporate status. It has only one member, who acts as the Member cum Director and a nominee.
A Director is the person who manages and controls the affairs of the company. A Director is the brain of a Company. They occupy a pivotal position in the structure of the company. Directors take the decision regarding the management of a company collectively in their meetings known as Board Meetings.
One Person Company can be registered like Private Limited Company, where all the rules and regulation are laid down by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
If the member dies, the nominee undertakes the affairs of the company and within 15 days of time, the company has to intimate the Registrar of Companies by filing Form INC-4 with prescribed fee.

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