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What is Indian Subsidiary Company?

A subsidiary company is a company whose control lies with another company. The company that holds the control is termed as a Parent Company or Holding Company. The company in which the holding company holds 100% share capital is termed as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Subsidiaries let the holding firm expand out to other locations, business sectors, and nations by acting as supplementary branches to the main body. Wants to register as a Subsidiary company, fill the details to know the common registration required.

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It is not mandatory to give shares to a Indian resident. Foreigners are allowed to hold 100% shares in the Indian company. But it is important to note that there should be minimum 3 shareholders. Therefore in subsidiary company 99.99% shares can be held by the foreign company and the remaining 0.01% can be help by any other foreign individual or a foreign company.
The process to open an account in India is a bit tedious. For opening company I India minimum 20-25 days is required. All the notarized and appostiled documents of foreign nationals are required to be submitted to the bank.
For registration of company in India, the office address is mandatory. It can be commercial, residential or a virtual office. For documentation, the proof of utility bill of the provided address and the rental agreement is required.
Once the company is incorporated the following steps and registrations are required 1. Opening a bank account and depositing the share capital amount. 2. Issuing the share certificates 3. Appointing a Auditors within 30 days of registration 4. GST registration 5. Shop and Establishment Act and Professional Tax 6. Having important agreements like employment agreement, vendor agreement in place.
Minimum 2 directors are required and atleast one should be Indian resident. Minimum 2 shareholders are required. An individual, company, foreign company, NRI or foreign national can hold shares in the company.
The subsidiary company can transfer the fees in form of royalty, fees or dividend after paying taxes in India.
1. Tax Filing • GST filing every month • TDS filing every quarter • Annual income tax return filing 2. Audit • Statutory Audit annually • Tax Audit annually • GTs Audit annually 3. Secretarial compliances • 4 board meeting every year • Annual general meeting of shareholders • AOC 4 and MGT 7 filing annually

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