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The registered office address means a place to which all official communications related to the company is delivered. The company may have its different branch offices or corporate offices but while registering with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs only the registered office of the company is valid. Through the registration office of the company, the state of incorporation is also determined. The state or location in which the registered office of the Company is situated will determine the Registrar of Company (ROC) to which the application for company registration must be made.

If any change of address is required then it must be notified to the ROC within the time period of 15 days. It includes a change of registered office in 4 ways:

·         Change within local limits of City

·         One city to another within same ROC

·         From Jurisdiction of One ROC to Another

·         From one state to another state

Registration Process

New Address

The first step is to identify the new address for the registered address of the company in accordance with the Local Land Rules.

Rent lease agreement with Landlord

The new place of address should be occupied by the company after a proper document is executed i.e. rent agreement or sale deed.


It is necessary that if the new address is not owned then NOC from the owner of the premises should be attached.

Meeting of directors

A board meeting is necessary before changing address and resolution must be passed for change of the registered address with a simple majority.

File Form INC- 22

Now Form INC- 22 is filed with the MCA within 30 days of the date of effective change of registered address.

Required Documents

Acceptable DocumentDocument TypeAdditional Details
Copy of Board Resolutions
Title document (if property is owned by the company)
Rent agreement & Receipt of the new address
New address details
To file Form INC-22
Utility bill of premises
Certification by professional

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Section 12 of the Companies Act makes it compulsory for every company to maintain a registered office at all times and in case of changes it should be informed to ROC in writing within 30 days of such change.
For this process, there is an additional requirement of newspaper publication and approval of the RD.

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