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Onfiling is a cloud based fintech platform having expertise of 15+ years in offering services for the business incorporation and filing, virtual CFO services, accounting & bookkeeping, legal & IPR, HR & Payroll management services.

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Onfiling help companies in the complete payroll process management in order to save time, money, and effort.

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There is complete safety and security of the data as all the data is stored on AWS & E2E servers with no external access, forced password reset takes place every month and NDAs are signed with the team, employees and clients.
Setting up a new payroll system depends on various factors such as payroll size, frequency of the payment, information availability and more as per the requirements of the company. Generally 2-3 weeks time is preferable to set up your complete payroll system in the right way, but also if our clients have deadlines then we will work towards achieving the same also.
Once you conduct the cost analysis by your month or year end, you will come to know that outsourcing payroll involves huge costs like softwares, AMC, training costs,support costs and compliances related expenditures. While outsourcing can reduce your cost and that savings can be utilised in some better way.
.When you outsource complete payroll all your difficulties will be solved by Onfiling payroll experts. Complete work related to payroll processing, calculations of payments and complying with the rules and regulations will be the sole responsibility of Onfiling experts.
This depends upon the services taken by the company, we either send payslips through secure email ids or make them available for download on our employee portal.

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