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Here we will discuss why legal drafting is important and what all necessary things you should keep in mind while drafting and how we can help you to get your documents legal proof so that you can do your business without any unnecessary issues.

What is Legal Drafting?
Legal Drafting in the preparation of legal documents by considering important aspects of law and fact. For eg. drafting of contracts, wills, constitution laws, ordinances, notices, and more as per the requirements of the situation. The legal drafting process operates in two ways, firstly the draftsman needs to find the right concepts of drafting and then composing the same on paper. Therefore in simple terms, legal drafting is an act of preparing legal documents.
Why is legal drafting important?
Drafting is an essential element of legal procedure. Without proper drafting of documents, you cannot express your views in writing. As stated by Douglas Stoltz, legal drafting is the composition of legal instruments such as contracts, deeds, wills, and legislation.  The way legal provisions are expressed, whether in a contract between two individuals or in a statute that applies to everybody can have serious consequences.
Vireza Onfiling provides legal drafting services as per your requirement. Some of the examples of legal drafting documents are as follows:
Contracts and Business Agreements
  • Trust deed
  • Will
  • Different Legal Formats
  • Draft for Society or NGO
  • Lease Deed
  • Different types of letters
  • Name change documents
Some important elements you should know while drafting any legal documents:
  • Using clear and concise language
  • Try to write in clear language what you want to say and make yourself well versed with words which you are trying to use in any legal documents.
  • Searching for good samples or forms
  • Before drafting your documents, always look for good samples which can help you in a better understanding of the legal points then also match those points with the laws to know whether that clause is applicable or not, and if yes then how it will be applicable between the two parties.
  • Check specific formatting rules
  • A legal document should be well formatted as per the specifications of any given by the client or not. It should not look like a simple agreement without any formatting.
  • Creating your headings and subheadings
  • For better understanding and description, always write headings and subheadings which can make it easy to find out the clauses and to study them also.
  • Defining important terms
  • Always try to give definitions of all important terms in the agreement at the beginning of the legal draft so that once the agreement is executed the meaning should not be based on interpretation, it should be clear and concise. 
  • Don’t use repetitive words and phrases 
  • Try to avoid using repetitive words and phrases, because it makes no sense and creates confusion in the mind reader. Try to draft simply so that other parties to the agreement can understand in a better way.
  • Finalizing the draft
  • You should finalize the legal draft with all necessary signing of both the parties to the contract along with stamping and notarization for a good contract.
  • Do let us know if you have further questions regarding legal drafting or if you are looking for professionals to draft your documents.

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If you are legal professional, then you can draft the well-structured formats and pleadings for your contracts and cases. But if you are not a legal professional, we suggest you seek help from the legal advisor, this will help you in becoming part of legally protected agreements and better deals.
Legal drafting plays an important role to ensure that it is structured in a manner that clearly solve the purpose between two parties by specifying the intention of the parties.
A good legal draft includes sentences having clarity of thoughts, detailed and accurate research, avoiding technical jargon and conveying the desired outcome in understandable terms. This makes your draft easy to understand and execute as well.
Legal drafting refers to making a document like affidavits, plaint, petitions, written statements and more. Whereas pleading refers to the legal document that is filed in a legal suit.

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