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Onfiling is a cloud based fintech platform having expertise of 15+ years in offering services for the business incorporation and filing, virtual CFO services, accounting & bookkeeping, legal & IPR, HR & Payroll management services.

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Legal advisory services assist businesses with legal issues involving their client operations, market presence, scale, and location. During mergers, takeovers, IPOS, and other legal matters, you will be served competently and legally by a team of attorneys with ample expertise in dealing with issues related to legal enforcement and due diligence. 

How Vireza Onfiling helps in providing legal advisory services?
Vireza Onfiling examines all compliance manuals and internal protocols to ensure that they are followed by the law's provisions and helps in the growth and development of your business. We help to minimize the gap between business advisors and legal counsel by providing solutions that fulfill your business legal requirements with proper procedure with experts' knowledge and experience in different legal areas.

1. Corporate and Commercial law
Advisory for the corporate transactions including the scheme of the arrangement, asset and business transfer, incorporation of a business, various important registration for the business professional, taxation mechanism, share transfer, and many more.
2. Employment law
Every employer must make a company compliant with legal regulations of labour laws and employment practices to avoid any future problems. Onfiling provides a cost-effective and efficient solution in resolving employment and ongoing labour law issues in an organization. 
3. Consulting
Our legal team consults with your business team to complete all your legal procedures according to the latest developments and amendments in the laws of India. Consult for any legal matters with our experts to solve your queries because the timeline is the main essence for any legal matters.
4. Mergers or Acquisitions
Merger or acquisition is one of the significant corporate action, Vireza Onfiling guide clients through all stages of a merger or acquisition process for successful closure of the business deal.
 5. Startups and emerging companies
We help in taking your first step in business by establishing and incorporating it with in-depth analysis and research of business strategies and legal standards. Along with that, we support women entrepreneurs to get better schemes from the bank and to start their dream journey.
6. Real Estate Laws
The multidimensional knowledge of the Onfiling team helps in handling your real estate business and issues related to it. We advise with the best and updated rules and regulations related to real estate laws, how to get registration under RERA, and more as per your business requirements.
7. Due Diligence
Due diligence is an important aspect for a potential investment to confirm the facts and financial record before entering into the final agreement. Vireza Onfiling not only advises you for a particular thing but works together by involving experts from our tax and advisory team. So get in touch now for any of your legal and business-related queries with experts.

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Even giving an opinion on a legal matter amount to “practice of law”. Non-Advocates cannot practice law. It takes extensive research to provide any opinion on legal matters.
As the client, you will determine the overall course of your case. Our responsibility is to give you with legal counsel regarding the various choices available for advancing your case, including the benefits, cons, and expenses involved with each. Typically, we will provide a suggestion, but the final decision will be yours. Then, we will supply the appropriate legal services to carry out your instructions.
Yes. Onfiling lawyers helps you to represent before the various courts and tribunals across the country.
Any information or data shared with Onfiling remains confidential, you can share all the facts relevant to your matter without fear that prejudicial information will become public.

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