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You should keep track of all GST compliances, GST refunds, notices, validation of tax position and more. We help and support your business for resolving all the queries related to the GST advisory. Let's understand in detail what all you need to know and how we can give you the expertise services for GST advisory. 

Onfiling helps in improving and monitoring your GST performance by creating golden opportunities to measure and improve the advising capabilities of taxes on various transactions, routine issues related to valuation, classification, and registration requirements of the company including compliances and many more. 
Onfiling provides support to clients in making a plan and their implementation so that there will be proper efficiency and effectiveness in their tax operations. Detailed analysis of the business functions to check the applicability of the provisions of the company, study of the market and industry where the company operates to evaluate the benefits and compliance with GST laws, and assist on any ongoing inquiry or investigation.

We support our clients in the following way
GST Advisory
Opinions on regular tax issues faced by the company
Completing all registration requirements
GST implementation
Validation of tax position
Due diligence of business process
GST Compliance Outsourcing
Handling indirect tax compliances
Complete Audit for tracking changes
Best GST compliance solutions
GST Refunds
Reviewing Documents
Assistance in reconciliation
Preparation of refund claim
GST Audit
Yearly GST audit of the company
Filing of GST annual return
Guidance in collation of documents
Mergers and Acquisitions
Properly structured applications
Identifying the potential of GST
Examining effects on other taxes such as property, transfer tax, etc.

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You Ask, We Answer

No, an organisation with operations in several states must register separately for each state where a taxable supply of goods or services is made.
The Letter of Undertaking (LUT) must be provided in order to export products, services, or both without having to pay the IGST.
Details of outward supplies, as used in the GST, refer to data relevant to sales transactions in a month, such as issued invoices, debit notes, credit notes, and updated invoices.
As stated by the GST Council, The Constitution (one hundred and first amendment) Act, 2016 provides that the Goods and Services Tax Council shall establish a mechanism to adjudicate any dispute- (a) between the Government of India and one or more States; or (b) between the Government of India and any State or States on one side and one or more other Sates on the other side; or (c) between two or more States, arising out of the recommendations of the Council or implementation thereof.
As per Section 149 of the CGST/SGST Act, every registered person shall be assigned a compliance rating based on the record of compliance in respect of specified parameters. Such ratings shall also be placed in the public domain. A prospective client will be able to see the compliance ratings of suppliers and take a decision as to whether to deal with a particular supplier or not. This will create healthy competition amongst taxable persons.

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