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Every company needs a director of a company that is capable of managing the operations of the company. The director of a company is a person elected by the shareholders for managing the affairs of the company as per MOA and AOA.  The appointment of directors can be done on time to time-based on the requirements.

To become director a person must obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and director identification number (DIN).  In case of DIN, the nationality of a person doesn’t matter.

Types of Directors

Managing Director

It means a Director who, by virtue of Articles of Association of a Company is entrusted with substantial powers of management of affairs of the company.

Executive Director

An Executive Director or whole-time Director is full-time employee of the company.

Additional Director

Board of directors appoints an additional director between two annual general meetings according to the provisions of the Articles of Association of a Company.

Ordinary Director

An “Ordinary Director” means a Director who attends the Board meetings of a company and participate in the matters put before the Board of Directors.

Alternate Director

Board of Directors appoints an alternate director in a general meeting to act for a Director called the “original director” during his absence for a period of not less than three months from India.

Women director in Company

It is mandatory for the listed companies and limited companies to appoint atleast one women director if paid up share capital of Rs 100 crore rupees or more or turnover of Rs. 300 crores or more.

Seven days

Within seven working days the basic acknowledgment will be given to you. In case the documents are complete, then the registration hard copy will be issued within 10 days in all major cities. Otherwise you need to submit your documents if missing as mentioned by authorities.

Minimum number of directors in company which are as follows
  • In case of Private Limited Company minimum two directors are required.
  • In limited company minimum three directors.
  • In one Person Company minimum one director is necessary.

Required Documents

Acceptable DocumentDocument TypeAdditional Details
DIN and DSC of the director
Address proof of the director
Passport size photograph of the director
PAN card of the director


You Ask, We Answer

According to the Companies Act, 2013 defines director as someone appointment to the Board of Directors. Board of directors means a group of those individuals elected by the shareholders of a company to manage the affairs of the company.
Any director possessing professional qualifications and do not have any pecuniary interest in the company are called Professional Directors.
In one Person Company, nominee director is a person nominated by the sole Director of OPC to take over affairs of the OPC in case of death or incapacity of sole director.
You require DIN Number of person over the age of 18 years to become director in Private Limited Company.

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