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Legal domain has emerged with time & has wider scope in corporate law, cyber laws, technologies, and more. Onfiling assists in filing and representations of legal matters related to corporate & commericial advisory,employee litigation & others as required by clients. For any queries or dispute resolution connect with Onfiling.

Have you protected your intangible assets?

IPR plays an important role because the signs/symbols you are using, the songs you are playing, & the work you are writing from websites of others may cost you heavy fines as it is IP of another person? Therefore, Onfiling is here to protect your original ideas before it will get copied. Connect with us to protect your brand.

Be safe with legal formalities and protect your IP Rights

In today’s scenario it is very important to stay legally strong by drafting all your agreements with the help of legal professionals. Good drafting of agreements helps you in knowing all positive and negative effects before entering into the contract with parties. Therefore, at Onfiling you can get the legal professional services and we can help you in all legal matters with expert advice. It is also important to protect all your Intellectual property like trademark, copyright and patent. Let’s discuss in detail how you can protect IP rights and stay legally safe.

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Confidential Data

We keep our client data protected and confidential by using the latest cloud-based technology for creating a backup & to protect from unwanted elements.

Expertise Service

Onfiling is a team of professionals including CA, CS, Lawyers, and HR managers who have expertise of more than 15+ years in their respective fields.

Cloud based HRMs

We provide the latest technology through cloud based HRM for better support services and customer experience with higher productivity & low cost.

Customized Solution

We offer customized package services which helps a client to choose and fulfill their company requirement in this dynamic environment.


You Ask, We Answer

Drafting is an essential element of legal procedure. Without proper drafting of documents you cannot express your views in writing. As stated by Douglas Stoltz, legal drafting is the composition of legal instruments such as contracts, deeds, wills and legislation. The way legal provisions are expressed, whether in a contract between two individuals or in a statute that applies to everybody can have serious consequences.
Yes, Onfiling is having a team of legal experts which assists in the services of drafting various contracts as per the requirements of the clients. Connect with us, for drafting your contracts.
IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights. IPR protection means protecting your intangible form of property which is the result of creation of human minds. IPR includes trademark, copyright, designs and patents which are designed and created in a unique manner and requires the protection from infringement.
Under Onfiling legal toolkit you will get ready to use legal contracts and agreements which will help you create instant agreements for your business legal formalities. Also, if you want any customisation in the draft contracts that service is also provided by Onfiling.
Onfiling provides legal advisory services in corporate and commercial laws, employment laws, merger and acquisition, MSME matters and more as per client requirements.

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