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Introduction to Contracts

The Indian Contracts Act, 1872, section 2(h), defines contracts as: A legally enforceable agreement is a contract.

To simplify this definition, a contract is a written or verbal agreement regarding a legally enforceable duty. In a contract, the parties specify their respective responsibilities, rights, and duties with regard to the pertinent terms and conditions. In other words, a contract governs the connection by specifying its terms and the scope of the activity.

A contract may be either written or spoken. A written contract is a document between two parties that outlines their respective duties. For corporate transactions and other significant formal agreements, written contracts are typically favored over verbal ones. This is partly because a written document has greater evidential value than simple words in the eyes of the law. In addition, a written contract helps to reduce the associated risk. It is often recommended to simplify complex contracts to writing. Section 25 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 specifies the types of contracts that must be in writing.

Contract management is a technique adopted to manage legally binding corporate contracts with clients, partners, or workers. Contract management entails modifying the terms and conditions of contracts and ensuring that they are adhered to. Contracts in the company ensure a uniform method by making your requirements clear. It facilitates the achievement of desired outcomes and acts as evidence if one party's expectations are not met. It is considered a breach of contract, and the individual is responsible for the service's loss.

It is essential to have a lawyer and consult for your contract properly. The necessity of contract law in business is demonstrated by the following factors:

· Proof of particulars

This is certainly one of the reasons why a written contract is crucial for your start-up business or any other form of contract: it can legally serve as evidence of the agreement between you and the other party. It gives the definitive understanding of the agreement between the owners of a business or its investors regarding the services performed by a third party or the payment obligations you must meet with your employees. All of these details should be included in the written contract as evidence.

·  Prevents misunderstanding between the parties

Typically, a written contract is produced during a delicate business transaction between parties entering into a business arrangement. The primary objective of this official written agreement is to provide each party with the opportunity to read and gain a greater grasp of the terms and conditions, as well as their individual expectations and what they have agreed upon after a comprehensive conversation. The written contract will also serve as a reminder to both parties to treat this business transaction seriously.

·  Provides a sense of comfort

In any commercial transaction, a written contract can offer all parties with security and peace of mind. For instance, a written employment contract specifies the conditions of the employer and employee's obligations and responsibilities, compensation, and general relationship. The company is legally responsible for adhering to the employee's salary and other benefits specified by law, whereas the employee is obligated to fulfil faithfully the obligations outlined in the job description. A written contract provides enough protection to the parties concerned in the event that the agreed-upon terms or conditions are not adhered to or are violated.

·      Confidentiality that is assured

The ability to agree to secrecy and non-disclosure clauses protecting sensitive information is one of the greatest advantages of having written contracts in business transactions. As part of the agreement, the parties are legally obligated to keep the transactions and information discussed between them confidential, and the party that breaches this confidentiality agreement will be held accountable.

·  Prevents costly litigation proceedings

When a party to an agreement breaches the contract, the written agreement will be used as a guide to determine who is at fault. Having a readily available written contract reduces the likelihood of bringing the matter to court or dragging it out longer than necessary, which could be very expensive and time-consuming.

·  Serves as a formal documentation

A written contract serves as an official record of the agreement between the parties. For instance, it specifies the level of authority granted to business owners or managers, the completion date of any work contracted to a service provider, the payment conditions for completed work, and the terms for terminating a contract.


The Significance of Contract Law

The law of contracts is significant because it can affect our purchases, employment, and other aspects of our lives. A person who breaches a contract may incur legal consequences.

Parking tickets are an example of contract law that directly impacts individuals. There are several stages in this procedure. When a vehicle enters a paid parking lot and observes the posted signage, it is essentially signing a contract.

Even if they have not legally agreed to the contract, they accept the offer to treat by observing the signage and parking their vehicle. If a parking ticket is issued, the vehicle has violated the terms of the contract, such as by failing to pay. This suggests that the driver must pay a fine until they pay it, appeal it, or fight it in court. In the past, individuals have won cases against parking companies.


Due to the aforementioned factors, small firms are compelled to enter into contracts in order to safeguard their information and defend themselves from dishonest investors. In addition, it can protect employees when employers fail to adhere by contract terms by offering them false promises and misleading them. The significance of contract law in modern business must be appreciated. Nevertheless, drafting a contract agreement while considering all of these elements is a difficult and time-consuming procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process.

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