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Shop & Establishment Registration


Shop and Establishment Registration is necessary for every person who is starting any business or shop under the respective state. For any new business or shop, we need to obtain Shop & Establishment registration within 30 days of commencing operations under the respective state act.

What is Shop and Establishment Act?

Shop and Establishment Act deals with various operations related to shops, restaurants, theatres or the commercial establishments in the country. Here establishment term refers to the shop or commercial foundation.

Registration Process
  • Each state follows a separate shop and establishment regulations.
  • Within 30 days of commencement of any business, the employer of the shop/commercial establishment should send an application to the inspector in charge along with prescribed fees.
  • The application form should contain the following details:
  • a. Employer’s name

    b. Establishment name

    c. Address details

    d. Category

    e. No. of employees working

    f. Date of establishment

  • This process is provided by labour department of each state. The local district labour officers normally take charge as the inspector in charge and will grant the shop and establishment registration certificate.
  • The fees for the registration depends upon on the number of worker are on employment in that particular organization.
  • Once the occupier applies for registration with complete details, if the inspector in charge is satisfied then the registration of the shop and establishment will be successful and occupier will get a registration certificate.
  • This registration certificate must be displayed at establishment and occupier must renew it timely.
  • And if there is any plan to shut down the business the occupier must inform in writing within 15 days of closing.


The government fees varies from state to state. In Delhi fees structure is • 0 Employees: Rs. 5 • 1 to 10 employees: Rs. 15 • 10 to 25 employees: Rs. 30 • 25 and above employees: Rs. 50
It is necessary for every shop and establishment to register itself within 30 days of commencement of business. It is important to have this commercial license for business.

List of Documents

  • Identity proof
  • PAN card
  • Rates of wages
  • Commercial address proof
  • List of management employees
  • Details of employees working at the establishment
  • Incorporation certificate

Pricing Plan

BASIC ₹2000
One Time

  • Shop & Establishment Registration price varies from state to state.
  • Above mentioned price is an indicative price for basic registration.
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